Manuel Fernandes: "I'll do my best to meet and the expectations, and even more"

Manuel Fernandes:
The Railwaymen's newbie Manuel Fernandes sat for an exclusive interview with the club's official web site.

- You have just signed a contract with Lokomotiv. What do you feel?
- I'm happy to be here. There were some issues with the transfer related to my previous club but I'm glad it's all over.

- What do you know about Lokomotiv?
- It's a very famous club. Last season the team were close to winning the Champions title but lacked just a bit. I hope I will become a better player here and I think we'll make it.

- Do you know anybody here?
- Not personally. But I know almost everybody's name.

- The fans are buzzing about your arrival. What can you tell them?
- I'll do my best to meet their expectations, and even more. I'll do everything I can.

02 June 2014 21:18

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