Guilherme: Off for the winter break feeling good

Guilherme: Off for the winter break feeling good

Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme sums up the 2:0 win over Terek on the air of #OurCherkizovoLIVE.

- This victory was very important for us. Now we can leave for the mid-season break feeling happy.

- Why did you allow Terek to get the upper hand in the second half?

- Seems to me, it is usual for us. Once we take a 1-0 lead, the lads tend to withdraw and begin to play on counters. And Terek wanted to win, of course, so they started attacking in force. Nevertheless, I think it was we who were in control. Before the holiday, a victory like this one is important for the team’s morale. We had a tough run of three fixtures in a week. But it is our job – we must adapt to the changing circumstances.

- Don’t you feel sorry that the interval comes just as the team have regained form and started winning?

- Yes, but I can see the guys are already jaded and need rest. In the last matches of the year we had to do our best. We managed to do it, luckily. The mood in the dressing room is good. In January, we will begin training at the camp, and I hope we will practice in a cheerful atmosphere for a successful 2017.

04 December 2016 19:34

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