Yuriy Syomin: We aim for top spots

Yuriy Syomin: We aim for top spots

Following the encounter against FC Terek (2:0), Yuriy Syomin spoke at the press-conference arranged in the studio of #OurCherkizovoLIVE and shared his views about the season’s first half.

- Every victory is a positive thing in itself. Fans can head into the break in high spirits, too. I would like to thank them now for their support. We always felt it was there, even when times were hard. The support was very important.

- How did you like the match against Terek?

- I cannot say play was perfect. In the first half the team looked good, but I did not like the second one very much. We gave away control of the game. Although Terek did not create anything special, we had no right to behave in this manner. Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate the lads on the win. There were many footballers with injuries. Some players did their job despite the pain. But they endured it. And this is what matters – we will field those who can put in a shift in spite of themselves. We enter the new year with achievements. Lokomotiv will aim for top spots.

- Why did you sub off Ignatiev?

- He was injured. Vladislav had been out for long. Then he had a great match against FC Tom, yet, after a period of inactivity, the body sometimes cannot cope with the load.

- Did you discuss Bekim Balaj’s play separately before tonight?

- We weighed every factor. Balaj was to be closely marked by Pejcinovic and Corluka. They did it expertly.

- We had a chance to exchange a few words with Sennikov and Pimenov – they said they saw your spirit behind this Lokomotiv.

- Today’s football has to be about the spirit and substance. The team cannot avoid the fight. Players must be with Lokomotiv, heart and soul. And that will yield the result.

- Fernandes and Denisov are in superb form. Do you regret the mid-season pause comes at this point?

- No, it’s high time to recharge. Fernandes and Denisov were great. They were the actual and moral leaders during the hard times, alongside our skipper Vedran Corluka. There is a lot of work ahead, getting ready to face Zenit and Spartak. If you will recall our defeat to Spartak in the first leg, we looked likely to draw that game if not win it. Now the Red-Whites top the table. That said, our team have the capacity to make it.

Analysing the results since last January, you will see victories were few. Our current run means Lokomotiv is bouncing back. During this campaign’s first half we had many matches when Loko were plain unlucky. Losing points was bad. It all accumulates. I hope we will be more fortunate in the future.

04 December 2016 18:54

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