Yuriy Syomin: A conceded goal pushed us forward

Yuriy Syomin: A conceded goal pushed us forward

Lokomotiv head coach Yuriy Syomin offers his take on the 6:1 win over FC Tom during Gameweek 16 of the Russian Football Championship.

- The goal scored by the Tom side against us inflamed the players. They came into it. Unlike the previous matches with numerous wasted chances, in this one our conversion was at par.

But, yet again, we had only one good half. The first half was fair to middling, to put it mildly. We did well after the restart, just as in the game before. We have to understand why it happens.

- Why did you replace Kasaev and Mykhalyk before half-time?

- Kasaev had some knee issues. He was asking to be withdrawn as early as 15 minutes. Mykhalyk injured an ankle. But Taras is a fighter – I hope he will be available again for the upcoming fixture.

- Why was Samedov omitted from the line-up?

- I did not like his motivation at the trainings, so Samedov was dropped.

01 December 2016 22:00

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