Galadzhan: I dreamt of this for years

Galadzhan: I dreamt of this for years

Lokomotiv forward Atryom Galadzhan appeared in the studio of #OurCherkizovoLIVE and made a short summary of the 1:1 draw with Ural.

- Congratulations on your debut in the Premier League …

- Thanks! Yes, I have had a debut, and it's thrilling… But most of all I wanted the team to win. When we scored a goal, a thought flashed through my mind: “We carry the day!” And then we were dealt such a last-gasp blow. Ural got off very lucky.

- So you put it down to the visitors’ luck?

- Not quite, it’s fifty-fifty. Partially it happened because we failed somewhere, partially because our opponents were lucky. We had many good chances. I am still blaming myself for not pulling the trigger in one situation, and not blocking a rival’s shot in another.

- Did you have enough time to taste the Premier League?

- Entering the field, I said to myself: “Here comes my chance.” To take to the pitch at Cherkizovo main arena has been my dream for many years. I could not even grasp it at first. And then I think I started moving around a bit too much, concentrating on pace-driven play. That is why my quality dipped towards the end.

- Did you hear the fans’ cheering your name?

- Yes! It was very nice and made my heart beat faster.

- Were you mentally ready for action?

- Mentally I was ready long ago. Not so sure about the fitness part. But I have realized and analysed my mistakes, prepared to work further.

- How is the mood in the team?

- The team feel about this draw with Ural as if we have lost. The mood in the dressing room is far from the best. At the moment any draw would feel like a loss… We will be working on it.

26 November 2016 20:46

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