Oleg Pashinin: Far from happy with the score

Oleg Pashinin: Far from happy with the score

Lokomotiv’s caretaker Oleg Pashinin offered a round-up of the Russian Premier League encounter with Krylia Sovetov (0:0) during Gameweek 4.

-You have been an acting head coach for two weeks. What have you changed in match preparations?

- As a matter of fact, we have made no serious alterations. I fully agreed with our training schemes before, because we discussed and elaborated them all together. So I did not entertain any revolutionary ideas.

- How would you account for the lack of conversion?

- Yes, one must frankly admit that conversion is faulty. Yet, the blame does not rest with a particular issue. Most likely, we have some problems as a team unit and individual shortcomings to deal with.

- It was the first home game for you as a caretaker manager. How did it feel, in terms of emotions?

- Once you are in charge, all matches take on a new significance. Emotionally, I experience it in a different way, too – more so when it happens in front of our home crowd. The lads and the coaches were after three points to make it worthwhile for the supporters as well. We are far from happy with this score.

- What went wrong with Vitaliy Denisov at the end of full time?

- Hopefully, nothing serious. Vitaliy complained of cramp and muscle pain and asked to be subbed off.

- And Tarasov was out this time. Is he also injured?

- No, he is not. And there are no problems with his in-field quality as shown in the previous games. The coaching staff just decided best to select this particular side for tonight.

- When did you last see Yuriy Syomin? And how do you feel about hiring him as coaching advisor?

- Last time we spoke was long ago indeed. About his return to work with us, I feel very optimistic. In what capacity? It is up to the club's decision-makers.

21 August 2016 23:51

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