Makhatadze: Hope to join the first team at the camp

Makhatadze: Hope to join the first team at the camp

Lokomotiv midfielder Georgiy Makhatadze appeared on #OurCherkizovoLIVE to share impressions of his debut for the main squad in the match against Mordovia.

- I had no idea I would take it to the pitch today. But when the second half was underway, the coaches told me to go and warm up as they would let me come on for a short while. I did not show myself in any particular way, but mere five minutes of playtime with Loko’s core mean a lot. Actually, these two days have been packed with action. Friday night we won the Youth League. Now I was handed the debut on the main squad. There’s holiday ahead, and then back to work. I hope to join the first team at the training camp.

- The U-20s have excelled tonight. Zhemaletdinov bagged a brace, Barinov produced an assist.

- Rifat and Dmitriy know each other too well. Zhemaletdinov was anticipating that pass. Barinov saw him and delivered. He set up that goal beautifully. The third time our side scored was when Mordovia pushed forward. Rifat used the space left behind.

- Did you notice a difference between the Premier League and the Youth Championship?

- Of course, youth tournaments are not so tough. All players in the Premier League are more physical. You should be able to deal with that.

- And how about the Youth League compared to FIFA U-20 World Cup?

- The World Cup is totally different in terms of emotional charge. And the participants are fitter, both technically and tactically.

- Recently you trained at Bakovka? Did you get used to it already?

- Not yet. It was too short a period. Sometimes, I feel self-conscious.

21 May 2016 17:50

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