Miranchuk: We're going home in a good mood

Miranchuk: We're going home in a good mood

One of the scorers against Bunyodkor (3:0) Alexey Miranchuk has summarized the game.

- I'm very happy we have won. We had worked effectively during the training camp and did everything the coaches demanded from us. We're getting ready for the next training camp.

- Finding themselves in a one-on-one situation young players usually prefer to take the most secure way. But you risked and lobbed the keeper.

- I have always liked lobbing keepers. Besides, I haven't done so in years so I decided to try my luck this time.

- You played number ten today.

- I like it when attacks go through me. We're working on improving low combination play. I'm happy to possess the ball a lot.

- You've played full time. Are you fit to play 90 minutes already?

- Almost. It's good I have managed to test myself. We have won and are going home in a good mood.

23 January 2016 18:20

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