Victorious Finishing Of Training Camp

Victorious Finishing Of Training Camp

Lokomotiv have beaten Bunyodkor in their second friendly in the UAE.

Lokomotiv's first training camp is coming to an end. Tomorrow the team is returning to Moscow but first they had to play against Bunyodkor from Uzbekistan. Days before, the Uzbeks had defeated Anji 3:2 - the Russian club were also training in the UAE.

Loko confirmed their aspirations from the set-off: Maicon tried his luck in the 30th second. Nine minutes later Miranchuk scored a beauty: the midfielder broke away from the defenders, entered the box and chipped the keeper. Minutes later Skuletic could have doubled the lead but hit the post off the first attempt, and then the keeper saved the follow-up.

Nevertheless, the Serbian international wasn't going to leave for the break without scoring. Soon Kasaev crossed from a corner, Skuletic jumped for the ball and headed it in. Minutes later Petar made a brace, touching a low-flyer right home.

Bunyodkor awakened in the second half and started creating chances. Loko's keeper Kochenkov, who came on instead of Abaev, had some work to do. The defenders played well, though, and the team went on attacking keeping in mind the security of their own goal.

The scoreline didn't change, the Railwaymen won. Tomorrow the team is flying back home just to head for Portugal for another training camp days later.


Lokomotiv - Bunyodkor (Uzbekistan) - 3:0 (3:0)
Goals: Miranchuk, 10 (1:0). Skuletic, 32 (2:0). Skuletic, 36 (3:0)

Lokomotiv: Abaev (Kochenkov, 46), Pejcinovic (Durica, 76), Durica (Mykhalyk, 46) Denisov (Yanbaev, 37 (Makarov, 57)), Logashov (Denisov, 76), Tarasov (Barinov, 46), Kasaev, Ndinga (Tarasov, 76), Maicon (Samedov, 46), Skuletic (Maicon, 70), Miranchuk
Bunyodkor: Turaev, Shorakhmedov, Dzhuraev, Ashurmatov, Ibrokhimov, Sobirkhodzhaev, Gafurov, Sato, Nurmatov, Urinbaev, Kadyrkulov
23 January. Abu Dhabi (UAE)

23 January 2016 17:47

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