Cherevchenko: The guys overkilled

Cherevchenko: The guys overkilled

Lokomotiv head coach Igor Cherevchenko has summarized his side's first friendly in the UAE against Chonbuk

- We paid no attention to the quality of play. The goal was to see the condition of every player. It's our sixth day in training and here we had a very serious opponent. Everyone played one half and you could see the guys could hardly move after 40 minutes. It's normal. The team's under heavy loads. Plus there was a practice on a matchday morning. We knew the opponent was strong, they are the Korean champions. But we had no gatherings or analysis before the game.

- The fans appreciated the performance of the triangle in midfield.

- I can say the guys did not just play to the maximum. They overkilled.

- With both Niasse and Grigoryev missing, Alexey Miranchuk assumed the role of a centre forward.

- Miranchuk and Kolomeytsev had been exchanging positions. Unless I be mistaken, Team Spain used such a formation to win a Euro when all of their forwards were injured. We have to try all options while there's time

- Durica took his position in the centre of defence from the very beginning. Can we say he is a more preferable pick now than Pejcinovic?

- No, we had planned to have two equal squads for both halves so there's no rivalry here.

18 January 2016 0:07

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