Miranchuk: We gave of ourselves to win

Miranchuk: We gave of ourselves to win

The game's only scorer Alexey Miranchuk has summarized the first match of the UAE training camp.

- It's nice that I have scored. Maicon started that combination and passed to me. I gave further on to Kasaev, then Logashov made a timely run and I just had to make it right. We had worked on something like that during practices.

- Are you satisfied with your form?

- I had just enough stamina for one half. We gave of ourselves to win and that's what was needed.

- You played a false nine. Did you like it?

- I did. You can combinate with your teammates a lot. We'll see where it goes.

- Did the victory bring you some good emotions?

- Victories always bring good emotions. But the main goal was to test our form.

17 January 2016 23:28

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