Durica: We had to score in the first half

Durica: We had to score in the first half

Lokomotiv defender Jan Durica summarized the game with Rostov (0:2) in the studio of #OurCherkizovoLive.

- It was a difficult game. In the opening half, we had a legal goal disallowed. There were other chances during those 45 minutes we should not have wasted. After the break, Rostov grew more assured, and their counter-attacks became dangerous. It feels bad to lose but we will move on. Defeats happen, and one has to draw conclusions – there is something to be gained from both wins and losses. We will review the mistakes and prepare for the encounter with Amkar.

- Do you prioritize somehow between the Russian championship, the Cup and UEFA Europa League?

- No, we do not pay attention to which tournament it is, only to the rival we are going to face. The match with Amkar won’t be easy to play, and it is right around the corner. We have to leave the clash with Rostov behind and get ready for the next one. No time to feel peeved.

- What do you think of the refereeing?

- Honestly, I did not see how the goal was scored. Others say there was actually no foul. But we had to perform a bit better in general.

- Did you feel your fans’ support?

- We surely did! We heard them, and it was energizing. It is nice to have fans backing you up even if the team are below par. They always stand by our side.

- If it’s no secret, could you specify what was stressed, in particular, while analyzing Rostov?

- It is one thing to watch rivals play, quite another to be fielded against them. Analysis is ever important, yet you have to assess your own performance in the first place. We prepared well, still something went missing. Emotions? No. Who’s not eager to win? We were. But, as the English say, football is a funny old game.

- You missed the chance to draw nearer to CSKA in the tournament table. You must have known before the match how the Armymen had played. Did you entertain thoughts about reducing the distance?

- We paid no attention to our competitors’ play. We were getting ready to take on Rostov and focused on the fixture ahead.


26 October 2015 22:18

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