Klyuev: There are days when you’re on the roll

Klyuev: There are days when you’re on the roll

Lokomotiv youth team head coach Denis Klyuev reveals what was instrumental to Loko’s thrashing of Amkar (7:0).


- There are days when you’re on the roll. We were in good form before the game, I liked the quality of play. We effectively finished several spectacular combinations, that’s what we always pursue. Of course, after the opponents were down one man it became easier, but even before that we were a better team.

- Was it difficult to be over the tangible defeat to CSKA?

- It was tangible only in terms of the score, not in terms of play. I cannot say we succeeded in creativity but we definitely didn’t look a weaker side.

- After the first half the score was 5:0. How did you motivate the guys to go on?

- I told them to pay no attention to the score but just do it for the fans and respect the opponents.

- How did the team congratulate Samokhvalov on the birthday?

- We congratulated him before the game, and with this victory.

03 October 2015 22:00

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