Galadzhan: I hope I won’t stay benched any more

Galadzhan: I hope I won’t stay benched any more

Author of a brace in Lokomotiv vs Ufa youth squads’ clash (3:1) Artyom Galadzhan has summarized the game.


- I don’t want to sit on the bench. I want to play, that’s most important. Today I started and scored twice. I hope I won’t get left in the reserve in the future.

- You can’t relax in the start, can you?

- It’s a motivator! To just start is not enough, you have to secure your place!

- What did the coach ask you and Makhatadze to do?

- We started with three guys in the back because Ufa parked a bus. We needed to pass the ball at pace. The coach asked Georgiy to play set pieces, so he did and made a great service for me. We did what we were asked to.

- Usually Lokomotiv are more witty at the attacking third but today you won thanks to your will. Agree?

- Yes, we were unlucky at times. In the first half we had some good chances. Probably the flight played its trick on us. But we’ll try to be witty in the future.

22 August 2015 22:51

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