Alexander Kolomeytsev: I want to be closer to the national team

Alexander Kolomeytsev: I want to be closer to the national team

‘Our Loko’ next issue features an extensive interview with the team’s midfielder Alexander Kolomeytsev, who tells the readers about his special path in football. Below are the excerpts from the interview. The full version will come out in the printed magazine you can buy at the stadium on the Lokomotiv vs Terek matchday.


- Sasha, have you watched the movie “Moscow does not believe in tears”?

- I have, but only in parts. Anyway, I do get the message: you have to fight it out here. I realized it the day I arrived to the capital at the age of 14. We walked out of the airport terminal, and it suddenly struck me that I was a total stranger in that place! No friends, no family – no one was there for me. Swim or sink.

- What was your new club Spartak-2 like?

- It was like a kind of a boarding school, on a small scale. It was located in the territory of the city’s 16th Bus Depot just off Domodedovskaya metro station. They have sporting facilities there. We shared rooms, three or four boys living in each one. I came to know some people in Moscow and we became friends. Occasionally, I had to stay in their places, too. When the time came, I started earning my own money in regular payments and bonuses. It was enough to rent a flat.

- And then there was Amkar…

- I can’t say it felt like a farewell to Moscow. I viewed it as a new experience, at some higher level. The experience lasted for five years.

- Your parting with the previous team looked nice – very affectionate.

- It was spontaneous. I did not arrange anything. The whole team was at the pitch, and I was about to go to the airport. It was friendly and warm - I gave everybody a hug.

- Loko vs Amkar - Perm’s dying game. Alexander Kolomeytsev scores a last-minute winner against his former team.

- (Laughing) The way you put it, I almost saw it in vivid detail! Well, I would probably abstain from celebrating. I am someone who usually keeps emotions within. Would not mind scoring, of course. But I would like to make it not so painful a goal for my former team.

- Perm footballers are rumoured to be a stubborn and very unyielding company.

- It is true. Amkar has seen many coaches come and go, but the style has prevailed. We used to be stubborn, yes, even when we suffered serious defeats.

- Your family has an interesting history. Your parents come from Krasnodar region, but one day they moved out northwards…

- My father worked in the oil industry and went there to earn money. Mother always worked as a school teacher. I was born in Surgut, but earnestly I could not tell where I feel more at home. I have spent the last five years of my life in Perm. There I met my wife, and my child was born there, too. That probably brings me closer to Perm.

- Did your parents imagine you would pursue a career in sports?

- Dad has always been wary of football. Never had trust in it. He did not think that my hobby would turn into profession. He used to make me do my homework and interfered with my going somewhere for football games – tried to interfere. Dad himself had never had an interest in sports, and back then he did not realize you could make a living out of it.
My mom was more loyal and let me go in for football. She helped to resolve school issues. I missed many classes due to practices and training camps. Mother was my go-between, who sorted it out with my class master.

- “Sasha, you are a talent.” Did somebody tell you that before?

- (After a pause.) I am not sure, maybe no. At least, I cannot recall.

- Then I will fix it. You are really very talented - unique!

- Thank you. Actually, I used to hear words of praise for my performance and discipline.

- Discipline is equally important, isn’t it?

- I do agree! Talent alone is not enough. And it has been proven many times over in football: it may come easy to someone, but if that person doesn’t apply himself and work hard – it ends right there. Football is a team sports, players depend a lot on one another. You influence their play and they influence you in return. Therefore, each and every have to be a cog in the team - a cog in a good way.

-When Guus Hiddink was once told that Dmitriy Torbinskiy grew up in Norilsk, beyond the Arctic Circle, the coach was astounded: as expert from Europe, he just could not get it how one became a footballer in totally adverse conditions. You also played futsal until you were 14, and you trained indoors.

- I did. And people noticed traces of a futsal player in me until quite recently. I could catch the ball with my foot-sole, for instance. But, those reflexes are gone now. A lot of time has passed since…
Indeed, Surgut was not the place for big football back then. Today they have a turf of their own, too, and set up an amateur team.

- In one of the past seasons you were named the most stable Premier League player – you had most playing time.

- First, I escaped injuries. Second, I played steadily. And, finally, my coach trusted in me. Had I missed at least one match, there would have been no record.

I have never had conflicts with coaches, touching the wood. The coach is responsible for the result, and we have to do what he says. If the coach says one thing and you do the contrary, you are the problem.

-In Loko your field position has shifted slightly.

- Yes, I play more in the back now. At Amkar under Muslin, I used to be a forward. Then I played in the hole for a while. In Lokomotiv I withdrew deeper into the midfield. It spells more routine work for me, getting the ball.

- Russian national squad is undergoing transformations. Do you think, you have a chance of being selected and can make your debut in it?

- You are believed to have more chance, if you play for one of the Moscow clubs. They pay more attention to them. I realize there comes the time to take a step closer to the national team. I would not say, though, that you must set sights on the national team no matter what.

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