Pashinin: Our first-half performance is still poor

Pashinin: Our first-half performance is still poor

Lokomotiv assistant coach Oleg Pashinin joins #OurCherkizovoLIVE show to give his analysis of the game against Dynamo.


- What did you focus on during the preparation for the game?

- Dynamo employ their flanks very actively. Their holding midfielders run wide to wings to create advantage and set up for a teammate to make a cross. We asked the guys to pay attention to the fact that both White-Blues' fullbacks like to run forward to support the attack, and they do it simultaneously. That means we could find space and counter-attack. We urged the guys to cut spaces in midfield and make interceptions. We both succeeded and failed.

- Dynamo usually try passing to Kokorin who missed today's game. Did his absence influence their play?

- We knew he wouldn't play. I wouldn't say Kokorin is a master of aerial battles. When Dynamo play the ball forward all of their attackers follow it. We warned our players to be especially careful in such situations.

- Were you surprised at Morozov's start?

- He was pretty solid in his debut appearance. It's great that we start seeing young Russians who are ready to play consistently at such level.

- How did you like the duo Kolomeytsev - Tarasov and Tarasov - Ndinga in defensive midfield?

- It was obvious that Kolomeytsev is not in his best form. When Ndinga appeared the team started moving swiftly. Delvin has been with us quite short and he finds it hard in some episodes but he's a top-level player.

- The second half was better than the first one.

- Our first-half performance is still poor. We're looking into the problem, trying to solve it.

02 August 2015 17:42

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