Euro Heroes Return To Cherkizovo

Euro Heroes Return To Cherkizovo

Sergey Makarov, Dmitry Barinov and Rifat Zhemaletdinov, noted for their successful performance at the European Under-19 Championship, are back with their home club.


The Russian national youth team finished second. Despite the defeat in the finals, watching the team play gave us hope and joy.

Today the guys have been invited to the Ministry of Sports and then returned to Cherkizovo, their hands full of rewards and honours.

- We have received diplomas, beautiful watches and have heard a lot of good words. It was truly a celebration, - Sergey Makarov describes the meeting.

- It was nice, with all the congratulations and acknowledgement, - said Dmitry Barinov. – Indeed, together we made an excellent team. We suffered defeat from the Spaniards in the finals – as I see it, they are skillful individuals. But as a team, we have succeeded. Each member of it is full of enthusiasm, and we have clearly shown that Russian football school is going strong.

...The players counted the days they were away from home - a month all in all - and therefore they were allowed a few days-off.

22 July 2015 15:40

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