Russia Advances To Euro 2015 Semifinals!

Russia Advances To Euro 2015 Semifinals!

In the third leg of the group stage Russia have drawn ties with Germany - this allowed them to come first in the group.


Lokomotiv players Dmitriy Barinov and Sergey Makarov played full time. Forward Rifat Zhemaletdinov came in on 60 minutes.
In the Semifinals our team will play against Greece.


Rifat Zhemaletdinov has shared his emotions after the game:

‘Great emotions! I can put them into words! Just great! To be honest, it’s a relief. During the group stage we were nervous but now it’s a load off our minds.

It is always difficult to come in for someone in such games. Before I appeared the coach had told me that I had to think about defence first but also remember about attack. We had to try to score. It’s great that we could stand strong and advanced from the group. Germany is one of the strongest teams in the world.

As for Greece, they are fighters. It not a coincidence that they are in the Semifinals. But we are thinking only about victory. If we were able to come first in the group that featured the Netherlands, Spain and Germany, then we have to be in the Final!’

2015 Euro U-19. Group Stage. Group B. Round 3.

Russia - Germany - 2:2 (2:1)
Goals: Kechrer, 12 (0:1). Kechrer, 32 – own goal (1:1). Bezdenezhnykh, 45+2 (2:1). Werner, 65 (2:2).

Russia: Mitryushkin (captain), Chernov, Yakuba, S. Makarov, Barinov, Bezdenezhnykh, Golovin (Nurisov, 80), Gasilin (Zuyev, 72), Guliyev, Melkadze (Zhemaletdinov (, 61), Sheydayev.
Germany: Funk, Klostermann, Klanter, Tah (captain), Kechrer (Rizzo, 46), Amiri (Uzturk, 78), Waldschmidt (Kueto, 67), Werner, Saner, Kristiansen, Fehrenbach.
Bookings: Waldschmidt, 54. Tah, 57. Guliyev, 58. Sheydayev, 90+4.
Referees: A. Eckberg (Sweden), D. Rasmussen (Denmark), T. Klacnick (Slovenia).
13 July. Municipal stadium. Katerini. Greece. 1000 spectators. 25 centigrade.

13 July 2015 22:53

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