Back With Home Club

Back With Home Club

Goalkeeper Anton Kochenkov has signed a long-term deal with FC Lokomotiv. The 28-year old is well-known for his performance at the Russian top-flight clubs.In the last two seasons Kochenkov has been playing at FC Mordovia Saransk.

On Sunday, Kochenkov is flying to Austria for a training camp together with the team.

In a short interview with the Press Service the newcomer recalls his first professional experience at Lokomotiv (between 2004 and 2008), and shares his impressions of the practice game against FC Chertanovo.

- I’m back with the home club: I studied here and had my first professional experience here. I know many guys, so the environment is familiar. I’m happy to be back! - says Kochenkov.

- You have been here for several days already. What are your impressions of the practice game against Chertanovo?

- I wanted to start working as soon as possible. The game was a good experience. It was useful for adjusting the play rhythm, and for improving the interaction between the footballers. This work will continue in Austria.

27 June 2015 21:00

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