Grigoryev: ‘The experience of playing for Rostov is useful’

Grigoryev: ‘The experience of playing for Rostov is useful’

Midfielder Maxim Grigoryev who spent the last season on loan to Rostov is now back at Lokomotiv. At the team’s base in Bakovka the player and the team have had their first training after the vacation.

– Here everything is familiar. The first practices are a warm-up, but still they are very intense, - notes Maxim in an interview with the Press Service.

– Igor Cherevchenko says the first practice is always a celebration.

– It is, sure. But we’re a bit tired, and the big loads are still ahead. We are going to train two times a day.

– How was your vacation?

– It was really short. I played in a play-off game for Rostov just recently, so I had just a week-long break. The other guys have had more time. Of course, everyone’s telling about where they went. A usual routine after the vacation.

– How useful was the experience of playing for Rostov? Did you improve, learn new skills?

– I think so. I believe that experience was useful. Yes, we’ve been struggling to survive in the League but the work with Berdyev has given me much, especially in terms of tactics. I hope you will see it later.

18 June 2015 20:27

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