Samokhvalov: 'We want to extend the winning streak'

Samokhvalov: 'We want to extend the winning streak'

Lokomotiv U21 defender Innokentiy Samokhvalov has summarized the game against CSKA (1:0).

- It looked like the first goal would say the winner.

- Probably you’re right. The first half was hard, both teams were reliable in the rear. That’s why the opportunities were so few. In the second half we started putting more pressure, we needed to score and to win. In half-time the coach said we had to be more careful in defence, possess the ball more and be aggressive at the front. We tried to do as he said and eventually scored.

- Was it difficult to cover the Armymen’s strikers?

- Yes. Their forwards are tall guys, and it’s difficult to play against them. But we did it, we showed team play and did not allow the opponents to score.

- Your future rivals are Rubin, Kuban, and Zenit. How long will your winning run be, do you think?

- We’ll try to make it as long as possible. We want to beat them all!

10 May 2015 17:50

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