Miodrag Bozovic: 'It was a nervous game'

Miodrag Bozovic: 'It was a nervous game'

Lokomotiv head coach Miodrag Bozovic has summarized another game at the Marbella Cup against the Brazilian Atletico Paranaence that his team tied 0:0.

- The game left me with mixed feelings, - said Bozovic. - On the one hand, we played on a good pitch in good weather, - this is important for the team's preparation. On the other hand, at some moment I just wanted the game to be over so that nobody could be hurt. The Brazilians were too emotional. I liked the first twenty minutes, we looked more solid. But then problems began, and I don't think they originated from the quality of play. To every single episode the Brazilians reacted with indignation, appealed to he referee. Everybody shouted, even their manager.

Their behaviour eventually made the ref start making mistakes, the opponents reacted to his every decision and it had a bad influence on the atmosphere: it was nervous, and bad for us. Well, there're different games during the training camps. We're following the programme and getting ready for the next fixture.

07 February 2015 20:02

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