Alan Kasaev is the best player for August

Votes for the best Loko player in August have been cast via our club’s Vkontakte group and at the official site.

The best player turns out to be Alan Kasaev, yet again. Kasaev won the previous nomination for July’s best.

46,1 % of all votes - or 2430 people – were in favour of Alan. The second place went to Baye Oumar Niasse, who won 1689 votes, accounting for 32 % support. Vitaliy Denisov got 670 votes and came third with 12,7 %.

Dmitriy Tarasov with 360 supporters behind him landed the fourth place. Alexander Kolomeytsev came fifth: 119 fans voted for him.

The total number of votes cast amounts to 5268.

The outcome is published in Vkontakte and on the official Internet site

пресс-служба ФК «Локомотив»
02 September 2015 15:32